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75th Anniversary Campfire

Written by Law Jia Jun, Edited by Jaydon Tay

After much preparation and anticipation, the 75th Anniversary campfire was held on 2 September 2023. It was a momentous occasion, commemorating 75 years of excellence, rich history, and a lasting legacy.

Such an impressive event demanded an equally extensive preparation that took place over many weeks. Amidst the challenges posed by the global pandemic in recent years, our unwavering determination to put the Troop at the top emerged as a guiding force.

With this determination, the majestic "Gateway to Heaven" bridge was constructed, stretching across the entire grand staircase. As the name suggests, it served as the awe-inspiring gateway and main entrance to our campfire that most attendees traversed. 

The evening's performances were a dazzling display of talent and coordination. The celebrations began with a lion dance, believed to bring fortune and good luck on this auspicious occasion.

Following it was a harmonious blend of Wushu artistry accompanied by the rhythmic beats of drums to the song “男儿当自强" performed by our very own Scouts. They  timed each movement seamlessly with the beat from the accompanying drums, putting on a grand display of power and grace.

As the night progressed, attendees enthusiastically joined in singing campfire songs, drawing closer to the warmth of the campfire. The intimacy of traditional campfire songs blended well with the energy brought by modern pop songs, symbolising the continuity of cherished traditions alongside the vibrancy of contemporary times. There was a sense of camaraderie as everyone stood shoulder to shoulder, singing loudly and proudly regardless of Scout Troop.

However, as the saying goes, every good thing must come to an end. Though reluctant, we concluded the campfire on a triumphant note. We were tired, but we were filled with a sense of accomplishment. To express our gratitude for their presence, each attendee departed with a specially prepared gift bag, a token of appreciation for sharing in this momentous celebration.



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