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Chief Commissioner Award 2019

By Wong Zheng Tat

On 6th July 2019, 11 of our secondary 4 scouts attained the chief commissioner award ceremony held at Zhonghua Secondary School. Catholic High Scout Troop had the greatest number of awardees among all the schools, with a total of 11 scouts.

The chief commissioner award (CCA) is the highest achievable award that any scout could attain in their 4 years of scouting journey. It is only presented to scouts who have displayed an exemplary commitment to scouting in their years as a scout. Awardees must be nominated by their scout leader and supported by the school, as well as needing to undergo an interview process held by the Singapore Scout Association.

The awardees from Catholic High Scout Troop are:

Jann Lim (Senior Patrol Leader)

Samuel Wong (Eagle Patrol Leader)

Joash Ho (Cobra Patrol Leader)

Damian Kang (Rhino Patrol Leader)

Alex Chien (Wolf Patrol Leader)

Joash Cheng (Tiger Patrol Leader)

Ethan Tan (Dolphin Patrol Leader)

Michael Ooi (Secretary)

Wong Zheng Tat (Quartermaster)

Avern Tan (Flags IC) Joel Lim (Logistics IC)

The Chief Commissioner Award does not only serve to recognise the efforts and commitment by scouts but is also a reflection of their scouting journey. Looking past the award, the lesson learnt, friendships forged and challenges conquered are the true rewards reaped.

This is yet another symbol of excellence in Catholic High Scouting, and we are happy to have brought glory to the troop.


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