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By Siauw Yu Chuan

Every 团庆 serves as a reminder of who we are as Catholic High Scout Group. 71 years of legacy, a fulfilling journey of scouting.


Our troop has done very well in 2018, with a victory in NPCX, a majestic campfire and a grand reunion dinner. Our past success will only be a moment of euphoria, what will define our next lap forward as a troop?


The investiture of 9 new ventures into the ventures unit will strengthen and form the core team to drive the troop forward. The unit seeks challenge to enhance the scouting experience in CHS to nurture our younger scouts.

We raised the 五层旗杆 to celebrate our troop anniversary. To even accomplish raising the 五层旗杆 requires not only strategic planning but also coordination and discipline. This is also to set the example to our younger cubs and scouts that any challenge can be overcome through discipline and teamwork.

We also had our traditional troop birthday cake with our cub scouts as a scout group. We believe that the sense of unity and brotherhood in a scout group is critical to a strong troop because it will then allow us to conquer the challenges ahead.

Above all, 团庆 is a testament to the strength of our scout group, and a reaffirmation of our loyalty to the troop. 日行一善,深谋远虑,智仁勇!

Photos used in this blog post were taken and edited by Tan Jen Kai, Venture Vice-Chairman.

More photos taken by our Ventures, Joash Ho and Tan Jen Kai, can be found here:

If files are no longer accessible, please request for it using the media request form at

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