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NPC X 2018: Our Training Process

By Tan Jen Kai

Precision and speed are key principles of the trainings in Catholic High Scout Group. They complement each other and both must coexist in order to excel in anything that the scouts undertake in life. Precision by itself will produce work with quality but without efficacy while speed alone engenders quick but inaccurate and undesirable results. As such, both play a pivotal role in achieving success in life.

Apart from fostering closer bonds between team members, our training process also paves the way for success by allowing individuals to discover their fortes and flaws. The Chinese adage “知己知彼,百战百胜” by Sun Tzu in the Art of War carries a message across that in order to win the war, one must know himself and the enemies or conditions facing him. Living by this proverb ensures that the scouts are prepared to face any uncertainties with confidence and present feasible solutions to tackle these unexpected situations.

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