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NPC X 2018: Gadget Development

By Lucas Loh

Gadgets have always been one of Catholic High Scout Group's fortes, often built with bamboo and cane. As one of our specialities, we take serious pride in our gadgets, with careful thought and calculations into each and every knot. In our spirit of excellence, we not only scrutinise each design element, but also ensure that every knot is tied tightly and perfectly, so as to ensure the gadgets meets operational requirements. 


Gadgets serve the needs of our campers and increase the camping standard and standard of living. Gadgets are critical to maintaining team morale as it provides comfort in-camp, keeping the campsite neat and hygienic. One example is the uniform and back rack below - helping to keep the team organised and efficient.

This is one of the reasons why our scouts are able to stay one foot ahead of the competition, as motivated scouts work hard and efficiently. 

However, it is not easy to achieve such a high standard - many of these gadgets have had multiple revisions and countless practices to become what you see in the pictures. For example, the each knot and pole in the kitchen dresser below is calculated and deliberate, with redundancies removed and measurements made to perform each functionality exactly as intended.

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