70th Anniversary Campfire【煌】Synergia

By Liu Muxin

70 years of existence is a long time. A long time to witness hundreds of scouts who had “passed through the gateway” of our scout group and are now successful young men enriched by the experience. We have done reasonably well for the last decade. But let us not rest on our laurels, continue to strive towards the betterment of Catholic High Scout Group in whatever we do. May we always continue to grow in wisdom, benevolence and courage! Andrew Chua (GSL)

合久必分, 分久必合。 一別二十载,七十周年团庆的喜庆活动在由五十周年庆典的筹委会原班人马再次出击,为我团"定下了七个字的标语:“齐心协力创辉煌",而最后一个字"煌"也就成了我团庆典的主题。 “煌” 字乃具"火天大有"之意,它提醒大家必须要齐心协力才能达到目标。 萧炜龙 (VSL 1997)

We are very happy to announce that one of our teachers-in-charge, Mr Cai Wenchuan, has been awarded the wood badge. He is currently the only teacher of CHSG to hold the wood badge!

Our GSL, Mr Chua, with National Operations Commissioner, Anbarasan T.

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Arrival of Guests | 6.00pm

An incredible show put up by the Unicron Scout Group dancing along to a mashup of K-Pop songs.

Lighting of Campfire | 7.20pm

The Campfire has been lighted which symbolises the official start of the Catholic High Scout Group 70th Anniversary Campfire!

Unit Cheers | 7.40pm

Each Scout Unit performed their individual Unit Cheers, with each one being louder than the last, starting with Montfort Knights Scout Troop and ending with Catholic High Scouts Group.

CHSG Cub Scouts | 7.50pm

The Catholic High Cub Scouts put up a wonderful dance performance to the song "Uptown Funk"!

Fox Scout Group | 8.00pm

An amazing choreographed performance by the Fox Scout Group to song of "Superheroes" by The Script.

Unicorn Scout Group | 8.10pm

An incredible show put up by the Unicorn Scout Group dancing along to a mashup of K-Pop songs.

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