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团庆 2024

Written by Josiah Chia, Edited by Jaydon Tay

On 27 January 2024, the Troop gathered to celebrate 团庆. This year, we celebrated our 76th anniversary, marking the many achievements and glorious legacy left behind by 75 generations of Catholic High Scouts.

Celebrating 2023

In 2023, our troop has done extremely well. We successfully held a majestic campfire and a grand reunion high tea to commemorate our 75th Anniversary. We also had the opportunity to resume the tradition of holding our annual June camp on Pulau Ubin, an experience we have not had for many years due to the pandemic.

Eleven of our Scouts achieved the Chief Commissioner's Award and Seven of our Ventures the President's Scout Award, the pinnacle achievement in their Scouting and Venturing journeys respectively.

In addition, our Rovers and Ventures unit summited Mount Ophir in March, our first summit in over 20 years.

Troop Spirit

To celebrate our 76th anniversary, we started the day by raising the 五层旗杆. Raising the 五层旗杆 requires strategic planning and good communication, which we were able to execute effectively.

Following that, we were joined by the Cub Scouts for the celebration where we then cut the cake together as one brotherhood. We hosted games so that the Cub Scouts and Scouts could have fun and bond together. The games included Dog and Bone, as well as charades.

To end the celebrations, we held 降旗. With the resounding shout of “公教” during BERSURAI, we concluded our scouting journey in 2023, and welcomed a new year of excellence in 2024.



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